Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Homemade chocolate give aways

So here is my first actual post about my work.... Here is the assorted homemade chocolate boxes I had made for my Sister's MIL's 60th Birthday..... so after lots  of hunting for Golden boxes here  is what i finally got....  (if u know where u can get nicer and more variety of boxes in sets of 50's do let me know)

And this is me with my work.... took me quiet some time to put this whole thing together
but had absolute fun.....
So do tell me what u think..... waitn for all ur comments.....


  1. Super cute chocolate box,and those chocolates look really tempting.

  2. Wow!! happened to drop by via ICR. happy to know more crafters around. what do i think. i think i wanna eat them all :D gorgeous!!

  3. Super sweet post! Thanks for sharing :)
    I'm def a follower of your blog. Please stop by mine when you get a chance...thanks!

    I've posted up blog surfer links on my page. It's a great way make followers and find new blogs for inspiration and idea.


  4. hey karuna and gopi.... thanks for your lovely comments.... karuna i have seen ur super blog... loved it and gopi sure gonna check ur's soon... thanks again...

  5. looks irresistable.i also like the birthday cards, refreshing considering the real artificial nonsense u get in card stores today. keep it up girl n keep polishing ur skills!!!! - shumona


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