Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Special - Day 6 - The Star that led to the Baby!!!

Today is the last day of the Christmas Special and it really excites me to see the participation and love received from you all...

At Christmas you will see all Catholic houses adorned with a Star. The Star also takes a place of prominence on the Christmas Tree too.

You might wonder why the importance given to the Star... 

The Star of Bethlehem is what led the Wise Men to the baby Jesus who was born in a Manger. Hence its importance in our lives leading us to the Christ, The Saviour born on Christmas Day.

So here we have the very wacky Kalindi Sharma presenting to us a Star made with the most unconventional stuff you could find.... The search for the material leads all the way from Lucknow to Delhi... So Read on....

"Tis but a matter of great privilege and honor to be a part of Christmas Blog Party hosted by our very dear Jovi. Doesn’t it feel overwhelming and self-fulfilling to be a guest blogger? :D No... Don’t be fooled, let me demystify you, I am no accomplished crafter like other guest bloggers, I have miles to go ;) hence this is one of my many experiences.

It’s just that I took up the most arduous of challenges or so others have told me. I made a Christmas star :D out of something not so commonly used among crafters. Aaaahhh…the feelings of brotherhood/sisterhood it evokes, when I talk of this wolf pack of crafters :D (special reference to ICR, since I met Jovi and other amazing crafters/people through ICR who have become friends for life)…Grooooowllll….!

So Jovi wants me to jabber about the self that’s talking to you right now. If only I knew it so well :P

I am a hardcore anthropologist, not theoretically but literally, whatever that means eh ?? Let me simply educate you by saying that I belong to the rare breed of homo sapiensapiens which needn’t google the word “anthropology” ..*grin*.
All right I study, that’s covered, what else? I craft, oh…well I can author a book on my daily sojourns in my crafty past. I was born to be one or so I believe or so my acquaintances claim and I’d like to believe. I stumbled into the world of academics but crafting is the apogee of my needs hierarchy.

The Christmas carnival is just my much-needed whiff of joy :) …If I talk of past, the really old past, say 15 years back or before, if you’d have asked me what’s Christmas for you? I would have gobbled and replied (without waiting for a sec) rum n raisin cake!! :D That was the only time when I was not denied cakes and pastries. The neighborhood aunts spoiled me with their baked delights and mum chose to ignore the ever-growing puppy flab for the time being. What can I say? Aunts needed a food connoisseur as qualified as me!!! :D

As time moved on, Christmas grew on me as a festival, as an academic research area and as a meaningful way of life people live. There’s lot more to it than just the decorations, the trees and the wreaths. There’s a blessing…
With this note …lets all stand in harmony and sing “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny noseeeee….and if you ever saw it…you would even say it glooooooows” :D :P
Merry Christmas!!!"

"About the Star:
The Star was made two days back in my hometown with my nosy dad. He helped me with the physics and the geography of it and also the availability of raw material. Its just bushy grass blades that was thrown by a wonderful gardener (guess he knew I’d be needing it), that was used to weave a star, each part was braided and tied with twine. To embellish it I had to get back to Delhi :D !
Jokes apart – the metal wire is a leftover from firecrackers of Diwali, which were covered with florist’s tape and then red beads were glued on top of it to make it look like a flower :P (I don’t know which one but as long as it looks pretty, its creative :D). The brown twigs are a collectible from botanical garden Bangalore, its some coniferous, supremely tall tree that was kind enough to drop these around me. Then there’s ribbon from stash. :). So you see I am not wrong when I say there’s geography in the star J…It’s a nativity star, very rugged and simple, for you to enjoy."

"On a different note, The star weaving has made me realize that I am no more an anthropologist destined to study tribes, I’m a tribe myself :D, else how would I know how to weave grass? :O Hence I rest my point, I should be studied first ..:D
Or may be its just collective consciousness !"

So I hope you enjoyed this post by Kalindi. You can check out all her creations at Crafting Aberrigines and I am sure you will keep going back for more...

With this Post we come to the end of the Christmas Special... The Winners of the Quiz and the Giveaway will be announced shortly (Read : After Christmas) as I am busy putting up the tree and Crib at home currently... And will be running around with plates of Sweets tomorrow...

I wish you an abundance of joy & love during this Christmas festivity & God’s choicest blessing & peace in the New Year.
I appreciate & thank you for your friendship & support. 
You have special place in my prayers. I count on your valuable prayers too.


  1. Very very beautiful! totally unconventional.. It was a very difficult challenge but you did it beautifully while running from Lucknow to Delhi!
    I even asked Jovi to change the theme as its too tuff.. :P .. but Kalindi you have amazed me by this.. its just brilliant!

  2. KALINDI'S star looks gorgeous ...she has managed to make the best out of ordinary everyday things...thats simply amazing:) her post as usual is very fun to read..and not to forget very informative too:):) thanks:D
    Jovi wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas:)

  3. This is by far the most crazy and creative star I've seen...crazy is the only word I can took supplies from 3 states to finish this star and yes, if they ask for a phd next year to Kalindi , I'm sure there will be takers!! No offense to you K, but those red berries look like caviar to me!! :D
    Miss K and Jo, wish you a very merry Christmas!!!

  4. oopsies...I meant to say, if they ask for a Ph.d next year to STUDY Kalindi, there will be takers..she's quite an interesting study! :)

  5. Wow Kalindi, its awesome n so unique. Love this.


  6. Its sooooooooooo creative............. Loved it Kalindi...every bit

  7. What a fantastic project and the unusual material brings back memories of making things in my small hometown in Kerala where we made such crazy stuff with coconut tree leaves!


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