Monday, 18 April 2011

Envelopes.... the first few I made....

So when I actually took up crafting... it started with envelopes.... So made a set of 10 in Blue for Christenings ( baby Boy) then another set in Pink.... Then i remembered I had a quilling set stashed away somewhere so searched for it and tried out quilling.... So here are the first few envelopes I made ....

And there is a little milk bottle below the bib.....

My first  experiment with quilled roses...

 And thats a quilled lady bug

Quilled roses again...

These are flowers i learnt in a tutorial but  i dont remember on which site......

A closer look at those....

A Mini Bouquet


  1. These are so pretty!! loved the quilled ones especially :)

  2. lovely ...esp the quilled ones and please share if possible how you did those flowers .They are stunning

  3. oh !!finally i've been able to locate ur blog !!!
    really pretty stuff !!

  4. hope you follow me at

  5. omg !
    lovely work you have !
    i really love evry envelope
    thanx fer dropping by my blog and liking it !
    m obliged that i inspired you

  6. Your quilling work is very beautiful. I know it takes a lot of work and patience but the end result is so lovely. Thank you for sending me some pretty ribbons and the envelope. I love them all.

  7. nice works jovi,loved the quilling ones:))

  8. Thank you Jovi for dropping by my blog. I have become your follower. Love the bouquet of flowers on the cards.

  9. Super super cute ones...loved the quilled ones and the baby ones are just too too sweet!


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