Friday, 15 July 2011

Good News!!! Good News!!!!

Only after happily writing this title did I realize what it would mean...
But nah nah.... thats not what I meant by good news....

The news is I got my Cuttlebug :):)..... Surprise for me by dearest hubby.....

I always complained that he never took the trouble to surprised me.... so when I spoke about getting a Bug... he wanted to know what it was....
so I sent him a link from Ebay.... and guess what.... he orders it.....

Got it at a reasonable price too.... So its good....
Now looking for Dies and embossing plates.... Also looking for a C plate since it does not come with the machine.... Do let me know where I can get one at a reasonble rate....

cya..... have a grt day...


  1. Awesome hubby!! and lucky you!! Sending you an email with all the details!!!

  2. Congrats Jovi.Now we can see some yummy embossing and stuff [ honestly dont know what else the bug does!]

  3. wow congrates. can u mail me the link. i m also thinking on buying this and if u dont mind can u tell me price.

  4. congrats jovi what a wonderful surprise, hope u have loads of fun with the cuttlebug:):)

  5. Congrats Jovi...njoy and hve loads of fun with the bug

  6. have an awesome husband.God bless you both

  7. congrat, u will love it kavitha has plates , check out
    and happy crafting

  8. congrats! grt hubby...pls post some photos and link of ur bug so show it to my hubby and tell him to give me surprise...:)(i always have to tell my hubby to surprise me)

  9. Congrats and have lots of fun!!!!
    Recently i joined your blog and the first update by u ,is about ur cuttlebug...pls post some stuff made from it.


  10. CONGRATS!!! Lucky you...

    I got my C plate alongwith Cuttlebug. Try hunting on Ebay or some craft sites like 'Oh my crafts' and such.

    Good luck!

    xxx Monica

    PS: What a nice hubby you have - value and cherish him...

  11. wow its really beautiful.. i really love ur work..
    i m new to ur blog.. commenting for the first time. well i hv jst started this paper crafts.. wanted to know something, if u could help me..

    i need a scallop circle nesting paper punch 1.5".. i dnt know where to get it from.. could u help?? or u can make it available in ur store??

    awaiting for ur reply..


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