Friday, 14 October 2011

Diwali Cards

Here are two simple cards I made for Diwali....

Most excited as I used my CB for the aperture and also ventured into using my Pie Lane Glitter Balls Box for the first time..... Yeah!!!!!! I did some basic embossing too..... I have to do more with my bug i have realised...its been sitting in the corner for too long now....

Also used the PielAne borders on the Red card....

I know I can be a little bit neater in the future and will work on that....

Ohhhh yes and the window on the red card is gone is little teda (as in "not straight" ).... Please excuse the learner in me this time.... I promise to do better.... and doesn't practise make perfect :)

Any tips to use the CB correctly are welcome (most wanted actually!!!)....

Have to still get the sentiments on these cards.... but dont want to write them out and dont have any stamps or stickers at hand still.... so waiting for Sri to send me some goodies....

So till my next post...... Tada!!!!!


  1. First of all gorgeous the use of swirls and bling on the cards...
    To get the aperture right, tape it in place..use magic scotch usually doesn't tear the page..or a low tack post it note works keeps the die from moving around!!
    hope it helps!!

  2. ah lovely! u guys are making me feel the festive time! time for some crackers and methais! oh I am heading to home next weekend! Thanks for sharing...!

  3. this is real good! Very nice use of embossing!

  4. Lovely cards, would be great for mass producing :)
    And I especially love the white one!

  5. Jovi all the cards are gorgeous. I like first one most.Finally you have used CB.

  6. lovely cards jovi, so finally got around to using your CB ,the aperture and the embossing look great i wanna buy a CB too!!

  7. Love them both, but my fave is the first one. The embossing is great.

    xxx Monica


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