Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Look how fast Yohann has grown!!!

Its only when I looked at my last blog post I realize that time passes really fast..... Its a month since I last posted and now Yohann is 8 months old.... Every month has been a celebration.... Not just the cake and stuff.... But a celebration of every new day and every new thing that my little fellow does....

And I am sure all you mothers out there understand what I mean.... Just that smile and all your stress is blown away....

So now he sits and blabbers all day.... Its so much fun listening to him..... And everybody thinks he is gonna call out to them....  

Taaiiiii Taaaiiii Kaaiiiiii Kaaaiiiii  is what he is saying as he sees me typing.....

And in the meanwhile I have been having fun with a lot of crafting on the background.... and here are a few cards I made

Simple stamping card

Used triangles for this one  

Balloons are stamped with memento inks and cut... some bakers twine and a bow... Do u like it????

Little tags inside the card.... 

So cya soon.... 


  1. omg !!Yohan looks super adorable Jovi...and he does seem so big since his last pic..children really do grow up fast na!!
    Love your cards each one is so lovely...loved the ballon's and the celebrate one the best!!!

  2. Hi Jovi! Yohann is super sweet! Its always a delight watching babies grow up... have watched my cousins grow up...and it still amazes me when i realise that they are not kids anymore! And your cards are all pretty and sweet..loved the first one the best...those cool colourful presents are so cute :)

  3. This is sweet.. Yohann is adorable... Like I had to inform you of it.. love the first card the stamped gifts one... :-)

  4. Oh he looks just like you. Bubbly and cute!And the CAS cards are so pretty. Love the present one and the balloon one too!

  5. ohh he is so cute. lovely smile. i m waiting for my little one. Your CAS cards are awesome. love all them.

  6. Yohann is so cute! I can't wait for Aadya to be able to sit and talk :)

    I love your cards! They are so simple and pretty awesome!

  7. Aaawwwww cutie pie!!! Love ur Creativity joooooo :)


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