Friday, 22 March 2013

Pattern Play - Day 1 - Part 2

I truly enjoy the online classes at Pattern Play... the only issue is given my schedule I am running late so trying  my best to come up with cards based on the tips and techniques I understand at the class

Jennifer Mcguire taught us 4 simple techniques which we could could on cards with pattern paper. 
So with a selection of 4 pattern papers you could get 4 different looks..

I tried out the matting effect and here is what I came up with...

I cant believe that I used 4 papers on this one and it still looks so clean...

This sentiment I selected because I wanted to dedicate this card to the crafter's who inspire me and I cant imagine my crafting journey with out them

Paru Mahtani of Paru's Perception - for the genuine person you are, ever ready to share
Tejal Mehta of Creative Expressions - from you I learn every day... What would I do without you..
Seema Luthra of Passion for Creation - you push me to do more and add value to whatever I do
Meghna Sakhalkar of Kraft Angle - you are genuine in whatever you say and do and I really appreciate that.

Thanks guys.

Since this was a tri-fold card did some basic stamping and used a PP and Twine to finish off

So lots of posting going to happen here....

and this is something I read today and hope you like it too

“I was smiling yesterday,
I am smiling today 
and I will smile tomorrow.
Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” 

So have a SMILING day ahead

God bless



  1. AWESOME!!! Totally love the colors you picked!!!

  2. Amazing on Jo... Amazing layering and brilliant color combo... Gorgeous stuff girly.. waiting to see what else you make from your class pick-ups.. :D

  3. the card is pretty Jovita.. lovely colours...

  4. Hey Jo... The card is awesome.. loved all the PP's u have used ... specially the background one... And thanks for your genuine words of kindness .. You yourself r a blessed soul, ever ready to help others... You r the one who pushes me to try something new every time...

  5. You are right, even though you used several different papers your design still looks clean. I really like how you've paired the layers. Nice job!

  6. Jovita you have four very lucky people in your life for them to inspire you with such beauty in your work. I love the colors. It is an awesome card. What you have wrote at the bottom is beautiful. Hugs love. XX

  7. Lobe your cards Jovi!! Thanks for the mention!! You are sweet!!

  8. Lovely work Jovi.. love the use of papers and the combination


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