Saturday, 28 May 2011

Guess whom I met yesterday!!!

Sounds like I met (should I say) Shah Rukh Khan??? Any of these celebrities are of least importance to me...

But I met somebody more important to me...

I met a friend I made through ICR and that is Paru Mahtani of Paru's Perception.

She is a really lovely person and asked me if we Mumbai Crafters could meet... I jumped at the thought of it.. We decided to meet at her place as I wanted to see her Crafting side and her tools and everything else I could get my eyes on.... And truly what a feast to the eyes this little meeting was...

She remembered every little question I had asked her and kept showing me how to do things..
Like the Mogra's on her site, she showed me Heat embossing (I was really NIL at that), the dangling cards.... I was so awestruck I just couldn't remember anything that I had asked her previously..

She has an awesome collection of stamps and punches and she actually shared so many simple techniques to help me enhance my work... She guided me as to the things I could buy and the best sites and places for it..

All in all I had a wonderful evening... It actually took me some time to get over it...

There's so much to learn from her... That I will surely be making more plans like this... Hopefully next time we will be able to include more of our Mumbaikar Crafters!!!

P.S. Sorry Khush... I forgot to take pics...


  1. Jovi How could you.. Damn... But am glad you had a lot of fun.. and now make use of what you learnt and put up pics.. that would more or less make up for the disappointment...:D

  2. Jovi..u forgot other mumbaikars around :(...would love the opportunity to meet up all of you in person time do let us knw too plz..

  3. wow jovi ur so lucky believe it or not i have been a major fan of paru's work and u got to meet her and got shown her work space too lucky u.!!!

  4. Wow great. Thanks to ICR. Even I make lots of friends through ICR , I never met them yet but through ICR I m connecting with them so much.

  5. Wow Jovi this sounds so much fun... i think i shld invite the Gurgaon crafters home too.... And i know Khush is already in!!!! :D

  6. Hmm..I missed out on this..even though I'm settled in Ahd, I'm a born and brought up mumbaikar! Studied, lived and grown up here..I'm here every 2-3 months..
    Hope to meet you in my next trip..

  7. Hey that's a great idea! We should have such meetings regularly. I am in Mumbai and would love to join. Do let me know next time. :)

    Cheers, Indira


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