Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Yeah!!! My Prize has arrived....

The month of May has been truly exciting for me... Series of events that have made me really really happy... So here is one of the reasons for this exciting month...

My Prize from Kavitha for the Colouring Challenge... Though I am the random winner of the challenge.... Still I am happy because I made an effort at something which I am not really good at... and many of u guys appreciated me...

Okay then without further ado.... Here's is pic of the Lovely Stuff I received from Kavitha which was sponsored by Pie Lane

Lucky me na??


  1. congo.. i have used all of it.. Now u have fun.. :-)

  2. Hi Jovi,
    Congrats on winning that fabulous prize. Thank you for following me.I am happy to have met someone from across the world.

  3. Excellent!! Congrats on the win

  4. Congrats and have lots of fun creating lovely stuff. Cannot wait to see what you do with this candy.

    xxx Monica


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