Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Special - Day 1 with a Giveaway and Quiz!!!!


I know i was MIA for some time but behind the scenes here a lot of action has been going on...

Firstly i had a Wedding Favors order to complete (Pics of those coming sooooon...) and then planning this event... Also a lot of Action on the home front... so been tied up....

But with Christmas coming up i had to plan something so here I am. First of all here is my first card made for Christmas....

This Christmas special will begin today and will continue till the 24th with a BIG GIVEAWAY!!!!!

What you need to do to take part in the Big Giveaway :
1) Follow me on this Blog (If you haven't already)
2)Follow Me at my Store
3)Like my Facebook Page and spread the Word...
4)Spread the word on your side bar or with a blog post (you can use the above picture)
5)Once done with the above let me know with a comment on the post.
6)Comment on the blogger posts in the days to follow.

To get a 2nd entry into the Giveaway participate in the events that will follow.

Today's event is a Christmas Quiz (Open from 19th to 21st December 2011)
Send me a Mail at with the Answers.

Christmas Quiz Questions
1. What guided the three wise men to the infant Jesus?
2. What did Mary wrap the baby Jesus in?
3. Who gave the shepherds good tidings of great joy?
4. What gifts were given to Jesus by the Three Wise Men?
5. What Decked the halls in the famous carol?
6. What is the other name of the carol Adeste Fideles?
7. 'Holy Infant so tender and mild' are lyrics taken from which carol?
8. What were the names of the Three Wise Men?
9. Which Saint is the character of Santa Claus based on?
10. What were the names of the original eight reindeers? (Rudolf came later!)
11. What is the most popular holiday plant decoration during Christmas? 
12.  If you received all of the gifts listed in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song how many presents would you get?
13. What was the name of the department store in themovie “Miracle on
34th Street
14. Who starred as a desperate dad in movie “Jingle all the Way”? 
So send in your entries soon (19th to 21st December).... The entry with the maximum correct answers wins a Prize.  

Looking forward to some great participation from all you bloggers..... So Join in for 'Tis the season to be Jolly!!!!!


  1. Done with following ur blog, ur shop, putting ur giveway as my side bar, liking ur FB page and talking about it ...cheers...hope ur event is a rocker!!!!

  2. Hi Jovi,
    You know I am a follower of both your blogs and have already liked you on FB and posting about the giveaway on my sidebar...Oh but these ques?? You really are gonna makes us sweat for this giveaway na.....Hmmm but will give it a try :):)
    Thanks for the chance.!!!


  4. Done all of the to rack my brains for the quiz!!!

  5. Done with all of the above pointss... Now sending the quiz answers!

  6. hey jovi this is really fun.great and very different events. have done all of the above.All the best and marry x-mas in advance

  7. Hey JOvi .... Congrats on putting up so much fun together and that too in such a wonderful way... I dont know if I am still eligible but anyways entering in the giveaway..... :)

  8. Hwy Jovi, have done all that u asked!!


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