Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Special - Day 2 - Wreath

Today onwards till the 24th we will be featuring Guest Bloggers who will present to us some symbols of Christmas and things related to Christmas...


One of the most popular holiday decorations is the Christmas Wreath. You will see Christmas Wreaths used in many different ways and in many different settings. It is common to see them on the stairway, hanging on walls or doors, or even as a centerpiece on a table.
Traditionally, the Christmas wreaths were made of evergreen leaves, which symbolize the permanence of life. A traditional wreath is a circle, which means that there is no beginning or end and that God is eternal.
And Now on to our Guest Blogger for the Day..... The very Lovely INDIRA TANWAR!!!!

The day I saw the Wreath she had made for her blog I fell in love with it... And I knew I had make this a part of my Christmas Decor... So when I thought of the whole Christmas Special, Indira was the first to come to my mind...

So here she is

"Hi all. My name is Indira Tanwar and I live in Mumbai with my husband. I work as a Knowldge Management professional in an IT MNC in Mumbai.
I was so thrilled when Jovi asked me to share a project for Christmas. My memories of Christmas go back to the time when I was 5 years old and was studying in KG in St. Mary's School, Ambala. We used to wait eagerly for Santa to arrive and distribute sweets to us in the school during the assembly. The decorations, the songs, the cheer, all remain etched in my mind till date.
Its such a holy feeling during this time of the year. And no matter what religion you belong to, there is a kind of connect with this festival.

I also remember once during Christmas I had dolled up my huge red and white colored teddy bear into a Santa and decorated my study table with all Xmas decorations. That was in the year 1996. Wish I had taken a pic then!"

"This is a wreath that I made for my husband's colleagues for gifting them on Christmas.
I love wreaths and I had made one with dried flowers when I was in college.
There is also another version of this wreath that I had made few months' back. You can see it on my blog here
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!"

So there you have a lovely wreath by Indira to try out... Also visit her blog for the other lovely stuff that she makes.... And most of all leave some love.... Isn't that what this Season is about???? 

If you missed the event of Day 1 (The Giveaway and the Quiz) you can check it out here.... The Quiz is Open only till the 21st of December so hurry!!!!!


  1. Jovi what an awesome wreath and yes Indira is right the Xmas spirit captures one and all no matter what one's religion is!

  2. loved the wreath made by Indira she is one very talented lady..and jovi its nice to get more info about the tradition of christmas...never knew about it in such detail before.TFS!!

  3. Beautiful wreath!! Love the quilling!! I love Christmas...can't wait to put up my tree!

  4. Lovely wreath and all lovely quilling Indira!

  5. I am so glad that you guys are enjoying these posts!!!

  6. Beautiful wreath... I know Indu is the right person to approach for this.. She is too good at it..
    And I liked the description of the wreath, leaves and its circle shape that you gave.. Quite an information for me..
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you dear buddies :) And thanks Jovi for featuring me!

  8. What a lovely wreath! A unique way to make it!!

  9. too cool..thanks for sharing indira and jovi

  10. Lovely wreath Indira.... M nt tht good at quilling but m going 2 try this one for sure..Hope it tirns out atlest close by to yours :D

  11. gorgeous wreath Indira ..
    love it to bits :)


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