Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Special Day 3 - Rose Cookies by Shireen Sequiera


I hope you all are enjoying these Christmas Special Posts..

It means a lot to be able to bring out the essence and symbols of Christmas to you all.

Today we have something different for you... Something not related to crafting... But very much related to Christmas and to every other festival we Celebrate...


When we think of Christmas sweets, the first thought coming to our mind would be Cake.... The Rich fruit filled cakes, Rum Cakes, Coconut Cakes etc... The list is endless... But for those who don't know, we Catholics make a variety of Sweets and Savouries from Cakes to Cookies to MArzipan and Milk Cream and the list goes on and on. 

Some of these are traditional and distinct to certain parts of the country. Others are more common and universally made...

Today we have a very Special  Manglorean Recipe for you - Rose Cookies!!!

And for that we have with us a very Special Person - Put your hands together for Shireen Sequeira!!!!

My search for Manglorean Recipes lead me to Shireen's Blog - Ruchik Randhap. I am more than pleased with this discovery as I can prove now to everybody that i am a Manglorean when I cook all thanks to her...

So on to the very talented Shireen...

"I am a Mangalorean living in Mumbai and have learnt to cook pretty much on my own - through various experiments in my kitchen and have gone through triumphs and disappointments that come with it. I have transitioned from a working woman to a stay at home mom and have learnt to do the balancing act in terms of managing the house, baby and now the blog which was started as a means to record my culinary adventures and also to share them with a small audience of known people - family and friends. Over a period of time, the blog which focusses on Catholic style Mangalorean cuisine has grown to delight many people - most of whom are Mangaloreans settled across the globe, away from home & missing their roots badly - pretty much the same situation I find myself in. This compelled me to cook the food of my culture, ethnicity and ancestors - most of which is dying a slow death. I believe that unless we share our knowledge and experience with the next generation, we cannot hope to keep our traditions and rich culinary heritage alive. 

Besides being a die hard foodie, I love reading (from novels, to newspapers to even labels on jam bottles!). Music is something that always has a therapeutic effect on me and I have been bitten by the photography bug since a few years. You could say that I love it a wee bit more than slaving over cooking in the kitchen! I also love to dabble with food styling, editing & presentation as well. I thoroughly love this whole process - cooking from scratch to the final publishing of recipes with pictures which are intended to get people interested in Mangalorean food.  I also try to provide some useful resources and tips on the benefits of food, ingredients and other tid bits that I think could interest my readers as much as I benefit from them. Hope you enjoy reading this post and do hop over to my blog Ruchik Randhap which means Delicious Cooking in Konkani, my mother tongue, one of the languages spoken in Mangalore."

You can check out the entire recipe at Ruchik Randap along with pictures showing you the entire process.
Check out the other awesome recipes she has on her blog too!!!

I hope you enjoy this feature... I selected this recipe especially because it reminds me of my Grandmother who made the best Rose cookies you could ever get...... And yes if you make some then send me a box... Would love to taste!!!

Today 21st December is the last day to participate in the Quiz!!! So send in your entries soon..
You can Check out Day 1 feature with Giveaway details here
and Day 2 here 


  1. wow jovi i just checked out shireen's blog and gosh she really makes food look like a work of art i don't know what i was most impressed with whether the pictures or her step by step tutorial...it all looks gorgeous and definitely mouth watering...now my daughter is nagging me to make her some homemade banana chips ...phew...will have to give it a try!!!

  2. This is superb!! Thanks Jovi for introducing Shireen to us! These cookies look mouth-watering. I am going through her blog... and am sure will get to learn a lot from her :)

  3. Oh.. A few months back one of my Mangalorean friend brought these rose cookies.. I was instantly in love with these.. I am not much into cookies but I do buy these now and then from food stores...

  4. yummmyyyy.....splurp!! splurp!!!! awesome ....will give it a try

  5. That will be soooooooooo helpful.. Have always relished the christmas sweets ....

  6. Jovi none of the photos are showing up!

  7. I can taste them from here ..
    they look yummilicious ..
    Phew ..delicious foooood
    Jovi..send me few, butter up Ruchik from my side pleasee.... :)

  8. Thank you sooo much Jovi for posting this write up!! I feel so special indeed to be featured on your blog. I saw this post sometime towards the end of Dec when I was vacationing in Dubai and forgot to reply, I hope its not too late to say a big thank you for this & hope you had a lovely Christmas & a bright & beautiful beginning to 2012!! Wish u all the best for the coming months! Good luck!!


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