Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Special - Day 4 - Bon Bon with No bake cookies

Today we have another Christmas Special which you can specially make for kids.

It can be hung from a Christmas Tree too...


A Bon Bon is a chocolate shaped goody box which can be filled with candy and other fillers to be given as return gifts to Kids who come home for Christmas...

When I asked for guest bloggers to come forward, the very talented Sree Swathi said she would do the bon bon feature... I was thrilled and to add to that she suggested making No bake cookies to fill up the bon bon's.... Could I have asked for more???

So lets hear it for Sree Swathi......

" Hello All,

I am Sree Swathi of SwathiCrafts. I live in the beautiful coastal town Visakhapatnam, with my husband and son. I studied in Timpany Senior School,Vizag, where crafts were taught as a sixth subject. Since ours was a Christian School, December was a real festive time for us. Every year we used to have a Christmas Programme where the choir used to sing carols, we had concerts, fete, raffle ,sports day and so many other fun events. I always used to be a part of the craft team along with my Needle work teacher working on the backdrops for the skit, making various decorations and dressing up the huge Tree that used the stand for more than a month beside our piano. In addition to this we used to place a tree in every class and decorate our class room with all our SUPW works and other projects that we did through out the year. An open school was conducted where parents and siblings visit the school and see all our work.

I still continue to craft a lot during December. Some how this season really inspires me to bring out the beast in me. 

Today I am here to share a simple Christmas gift ,Bon Bon with No bake cookies.

No Bake Cookies

These cookies are  super tasty and very very easy to make too.Its so easy that you can easily make two dozen cookies with in 10 mins.I made this Bon Bon with  small batch of cookies while my son took a 15 minutes power nap :D

I made these to send as Gifts to all the kids in my apartment.

Please visit my blog SwathiCrafts for a detailed recipe of these cookies.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."
I hope you enjoyed this feature... Do spread the love...


  1. loved swathi's without bake cookies...would love to try it out...thanks for these fun events jovi...enjoying these posts a lot!!

  2. i am loving the 12 days of Christmas !!!!

  3. Thanks Jovi for giving this opportunity !!! And thanks to all those who visited my blog

  4. M gong to try this one for sure.....Thanks for sharing Swathi....

  5. Jovi Thank You for introducing a new blogger- I visited her site and loved it!


  6. more food ???
    :S I'm so dead ...
    The cookies look so damn gorgeous and they are virtually inviting me ..this is torture !!
    I hate just looking at it.


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