Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Special - Day 5 - No Christmas without the Little Baby Jesus

Hi Friends

Sorry for the delay in today's Post... My internet connection was just not helping out from morning... but finally here I am...

Today we are here to bring out the importance of the little baby Jesus - the main focus of Christmas...

In all our festivities and the glitz and glamour that Christmas brings, we often tend to forget the the simple Saviour born on Christmas Day. Today as I bring you this special post I ask you to spread the Love that He brought to us... Share it not only with your friends but with the ones who need it... That is what will make this Christmas Special!!!

To share a special Crib Card we have with us the sweet Meghna Sakhalkar!!!!

"Myself Meghna Sakhalkar, a Fashion Designer by profession but currently a SAHM to an adorable 10 month old angel. I have been drawing and crafting ever since I can remember. Have won several district level drawing competions. My love and passion for creativity made me take up Fashion Designins as a career, which I thoroughly enjoy. I try to take inspiraton from all the things around me. Nature i think is the biggest inspirer ... It has so much new to offer every moment that is so unique in itself.
Christmas in childhood meant 8 days vacation, party at a friends house and yummy cakes to relish. With growing years I understood the true meaning of christmas. I remember making life size Santas for friends with Velvet papers and lots of cotton. I love creating the Crib as much as I love making the mud forts in Diwali . There's so much we can express with out words ...
I have tried to make layered easel card depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. ( Though my sheeps are well fed and too fatty  :D ) ...
Thanks Jovi for inviting me to be a guest blogger . M honoured to share this space with hard core crafters who are so perfect. .."

So that was a lovely creation by Meghna... You can check out her entire collection at Kraft Angle.

So go on Spread the LOVE this Christmas!!!

And be back for the last Special Post tomorrow alongwith some lovely offers at the Creativita Store and please dont miss the Giveaway . Details Here



  1. that is really awesome....simple and to the point...message well conveyed :)

  2. Beautiful .. I love the well fed sheep!:)
    Thanks for another fabulous day of posts!

  3. wow Meghna's card is so lovely i loved the layered easel fold.....she has managed to depict the scene so well..wishing you and your family Merry Christmas in advance:)

  4. Its an amazing card--the beautiful nativity scene!

  5. lovely great message .
    and that kitten is soo cute .
    the kitten in our house used to go and sit in the crib at nights pushing the nativity figures aside ,he found it to be the cosiest place

  6. Wow! A lovely card and thanks for sharing.


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